Friday, April 22, 2011

Wild Turkeys, Deer and a Cat Party

Now that little buddy's paw is feeling better, we've been out running again and it's been really fun to have him back at my side. We're also taking it easy as he eases his way back to runner dog status. We started out with 3 milers and have made our way to 4. Six used to be the standard but we'll work our way back to that when he's good and ready. And don't worry, we take a lot of breaks along the way. There are things to sniff, grassy yards to roll around in, even a few sidewalks that are good for a roll, sometimes he likes to lay down on a cool lawn and look around with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, and there are always dogs to bark at along the way. Sometimes we even see wild turkeys and deer. They always get a vocal greeting from the Uli. In fact, the other day we went out for an early walk and we saw a deer in our neighborhood and a cat party*

Back to running now. The other day, we were heading out for our first 4 miler in a while and that meant we had to climb a big hill. We walked the steep parts and he passed that time by grabbing mouthfuls of grass. And we did a bit of walking that day which means he did a lot of grass eating. When we got to the very top - he threw up. I told him that there are times when I huff and puff and push myself up a hill and feel like throwing up when I get to the top too. So we turned around, went home and saved the 4 miles for another day.

He is a little slower than he used to be but that is probably mostly because he hasn't been running much lately and it is also probably a little because he's seven years old. I'm guessing that in the next few months we'll see a slightly slimmer and faster Uli at my side.

My best friend Mary told me the other day how handsome Uli is and I have to admit, that made me so happy to know that Paul & I aren't the only ones who think he is so super handsome and funny and sweet and loving and adorable and fun and quirky and a real heart-warmer and ... oh wait, she didn't say all of that. But he is all that too. Thanks Mary!

*2 cats hanging out on the sidewalk. Probably up to no good.

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