Saturday, April 2, 2011

He Thinks I'm Trying to Poison Him

My dear dog who I have fed and loved and cared for and played ball with and taken for long and short walks and to beaches and on beautiful hikes and for runs in the hills and out in nature so he can smell things like cows and roll in wet grass and bark at squirrels and dogs and cats and play with red lobster toys and brown bull toys and black and white cow toys and tiny hamster toys and randomly shaped thing that squeak and this same dog who has not one but two super comfy beds in the house so he can choose to sleep in our bedroom or in the living room or on the rug in the second bedroom or on the cool floor when it's warm outside thinks that I am trying to kill him.

His dew claw was injured and then it got infected so I gave him antibiotics twice a day and that upset his stomach and he threw up quite a few times and now, he won't take even the most delicious treats from me. No beef flavored treats, no peanut buttered treats, no chicken flavored treats. But he did recently enjoy peppered turkey breast with a smear of Boursin cheese on the inside so I suppose there is hope.

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