Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hitting the Trails

Running with the Uli is a pretty good time. He goes and goes and goes and then he likes to stop and sniff something. And then he likes to roll in stuff too. And sometimes he likes to bark at things - birds, dogs, squirrels, etc. He's getting a little slower than he used to be and so we're cutting back on his miles. And I recently found out that I should probably not count the miles I run with Uli towards my training miles because they are so slow. It takes us something like 30-35 minutes to cover 2 miles where I can do that in less than 20 on my own. So to improve the quality of my training runs, I have to do them without my buddy. But on my lower mile days, I still take him out for a spin around the neighborhood. And on the days with the longer miles, we get out for a walk where he gets to stop and sniff something. And roll in stuff too. And definitely bark at birds, dogs, squirrels and more. I miss running with my little buddy but after the marathon, we'll get back to our regular runs together.