Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Again!

Puppy Dog, seriously? Another day of post-ball play paw licking and paw lifting. It has been weeks, probably 4 since Uli has been out for a ball session so we decided that since he did so well on Thursday morning's run, we would take him out to play ball today. The vet told me that he would be ok to get out and run as long as he wasn't in hilly/rocky areas. So Thursday's run was all sidewalks and roads. And he didn't have any issues from that excursion. His first run in quite some time. So we decided to take him out to the park to play ball since he hasn't done that in so long and since he loves it so very much. So off we went, Paul picked him up and put him in his truck and he reacted as usual: severely fearful shaking with his tail tucked under. But once we start driving, he settles down and stops shaking. At the park he ran and ran and ran and ran and chased and jumped and caught and returned that ball. We tired him out and then we all came home for waffles. An hour or two after we got home, we noticed that the little fella was holding his paw up and licking and licking it. So we took a close look and saw that his dew claw is red and swollen and it looks infected. We put neosporin on it and wrapped it up and will be taking him to the vet again tomorrow. I have no idea what happened. Could it have been from the ball session? If so, how did it get swollen and red so quickly? And what caused it? His most recent dew claw injury was a sprain or a tendon issue, not an infection. Why is that dew claw so problematic? Poor little fella.

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