Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Running Buddy is Getting a little Porky

I've been told that my running buddy is getting fat but I don't see it. But if he is, I can tell you that it's because we've had a super rainy past few months. January has been pretty wonderful but 2010 was an El Nino year and they say that is why it rained so much. That said, 2011 is going to be a year full of running and fun-having. On our typical morning run, we do a 6 miler where we start off from home, run about a mile in the flats and then climb a hill to the Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Open Space. The first mile is stop and go because he needs to go to the bathroom and sniff everything he comes across, roll on his back and then sniff some more. The second mile is slow going because we're going uphill and I need to stop and catch my breath from time to time. The final mile before our turnaround is fun and rolling hills ending at the top of a short but steep climb. And then we turn around and run fast fast fast all the way down. The one exception to the fast fast fast is when we get to the end of the open space. There is about a 2 foot drop and the Uli likes to stop, look around and maybe catch his breath. After about a minute of that, he'll jump to the street and I have him sit. He gets a kiss on the face and I usually get one in return. And after a few moments of rest, it's off to run fast fast fast down the hill. These photos are in the Open Space part of our run. By the way, what's up with the I've on it's own? weird.

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