Saturday, November 13, 2010

He Hates Monkey Lips

The lips were the first to go. Then he made his way around the rest of the face: eyes, ears, nose and finally, the brains. It’s impossible to know what your four legged friend will love or hate over the course of his life until you see him live it.

It’s a pretty good assumption that he’ll love you, extra tasty food, rolling on his back in the grass, running free in beautiful places – or – running free in any space.

My little guy is crazy about chasing balls, swimming and hunting flies but other dogs could care less about these things. And that seems odd to me given how much Uli loves them but it’s true. I've seen those dogs.

And then there are a few things that torture my buddy that don’t bother other dogs at all: the hair dryer, when I stand in front of the stove or oven, and baths.

It’s pretty amazing when you start off life with a pup because it takes years to figure them out. Not only does your pup develop his own personality but he also changes yours. You learn patience, you may or may not start to live your life in 6 hour increments and you learn what it means to be responsible for another being. It can be challenging at times but then there are the moments when you gain a new understanding of your pup’s personality and it is pretty awesome. Especially when you learn something like how much he hates facial features of stuffed animals because that's just silly.

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